Airport pickup instructions:

****Important ****Chauffeurs are not permitted inside the terminal at any time for any reason. Chauffeurs must wait by their vehicle and will be standing outside at the designated limousine stand of every terminal.
Please be aware that the Massachusetts Port Authority and the Massachusetts State Police do not allow your chauffeur to wait more than 10 minutes. It is recommended that you call the office or your driver after you have collected your luggage. It will take the driver 8-15 minutes to arrive at the designated limo area if he wasn't already there.

Airlines At Logan Airport

Aer Lingus Terminal C (800) 474-7424,
Aeromexico Terminal E (800) 237-6639,
Air Berlin Terminal E (866) 266-5588,
Air Canada/Jazz
Terminal B (888) 247-2262,
Air Europa Terminal E (844) 415-3955,
Air France
Terminal E (800) 237-2747,
Alaska Airlines
Terminal C (800) 252-7522,
Terminal E (800) 223-5730,
Terminal B (800) 433-7300,
American (International)
Terminal E (800) 433-7300,
Terminal E (800) 284-2622,
Azore Airlines (SATA) Terminal E (800) 762-9995,
British Airways
Terminal E (800) 247-9297,
Cape Air
Terminal C (800) 352-0714,
Cathay Pacific Terminal E (800) 233-2742,
Terminal BTerminal CTerminal E (Check with Tour Operator)
Delta Airlines
( Domestic) Terminal A (800) 221-1212,
Delta Airlines (International)  Terminal E (800) 221-1212,
El Al Terminal E (800) 223-6700,
Iberia Terminal E (800) 772-4642,
Emirates Terminal E (800) 777-3999,
Hainan Airlines Terminal E (888) 688-8813,
Icelandair Terminal E (800) 223-5500,
Japan Airlines Terminal E (800) 525-3663,
JetBlue Airways Domestic) Terminal C (800) 538-2583,
JetBlue Airways (international) Terminal E (800) 538-2583,
Lufthansa Terminal E (800) 645-3880,
NorwegianTerminal E (800) 357-4159,
Penair Terminal B (800) 448-4226,
Porter Terminal E (888) 619-8622,
Primera Air Terminal E 011-45- 3282-0540,
Qatar Airways Terminal E
(877) 777-2827,
Scandinavian Airlines Terminal E
(800) 221-2350,
Terminal A - Logan Airport (800) 435-9792,
Spirit Airlines Terminal B (801) 401-2222,
Sun Country Airlines Terminal C (800) 359-6786,
Swiss Terminal E (877) 359-7947,
Tap Portugal Terminal E
(800) 221-7370,
Thomas Cook Airlines Terminal E (855) 759-3665,
Turkish Airlines Terminal E
(800) 874-8875,
United Terminal B
(800) 864-8331,
Virgin Atlantic Terminal E
(800) 862-8621,
Virgin America Terminal B
(877) 359-8474,
West Jet Terminal A - Logan Airport
(888) 937-8538,
Wow Air Terminal E
(866) 512-8364,

Where to Meet Your Driver

Logan Airport Terminal Terminal A - Logan Airport
Go outside the baggage claim, cross over two traffic lanes and walk to the left to Meet your driver at the designated limo stand.

Logan Airport Terminal Terminal B
Pickups are at the arrival level. Go outside the terminal, cross 2 traffic lanes into the garage. There will be a big sign for limos. Driver will be waiting with your name on a sign.

Logan Airport Terminal Terminal C
Please proceed to baggage claim. Take the escalator to the top level. Go outside the door beyond the drop off area. Driver will be waiting with sign at the limo stand.

Logan Airport Terminal Terminal E
Proceed to the terminal exit. Go outside the door, cross over two traffic lanes and walk to the left. Driver will be waiting for you at the limo stand.

Boston - South Station (All Trains)
Exit South station terminal to Atlantic Ave.
Walk to the left towards taxi stand.